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How to Describe Each Structural Element of Work in the Abstract?

When revealing each element, it is necessary to have at least a minimal idea of what they should emphasize and what should be based on. Each abstract should contain a title page that will emphasize the main points: the data of the author, supervisor, the topic under study, etc. The relevance of the study is not just the study of a question that has not found its solution. It is important to highlight specific points here.

The degree of knowledge of the issue: allows you to note who and what attempts were made earlier, how developed the problem is and how it has changed over time, against the backdrop of changes, what it is at the moment. Here it is important to emphasize the contradictions that will confirm the existence of the problem and the form of its manifestation, the need for change.

Talk about the relevance of the study

The goal and objectives are intended to describe what the author is striving for and how he intends to fulfill the intended landmark. These criteria should call for action. It is important that the goal coincides with the topic of the study, and the tasks allow you to gradually investigate the problem and develop an action plan. Moreover, only one goal can be present in one dissertation, and the number of tasks is not limited. The main thing is that they evenly gradually reveal the essence of the issue under study.

Experienced specialists recommend using the following verbs when formulating goals and objectives: study (study), identify (identify), develop (development), determine (define), explore (research), etc.

Highlight the main goals and objectives

The selection of the object and subject occurs only after the specification of the "mission" of the project, that is, after setting goals and objectives. This parameter is intended to limit the theoretical study of the problem (subject) and specify the practical study (object). Most often, specify the direction of the research and the possibilities of the author.

Students and graduate students often confuse these categories, which leads to gross errors. In turn, this flows into the following consequences: non-admission to the defense of the project, lowering the final grade, refusal to award an academic degree, etc.

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