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Developing a Unique Website Identity With Human Touch

Freehand drawings

Just the way a handwritten letter has more emotional connect as compared to a typed one, freehand drawing gives a human touch to the website. Stock images created digitally are not able to leave a mark with the viewer as freehand drawings do. Such elements can be present in the form of logo, banner and even buttons. Presence of such hand drawn elements is especially helpful in establishing a link with the visitor if the website caters to the element of creativity. Besides that, freehand drawings give the website a great mind recall.

Creative team profile pages

People dressed in corporate suits are boring unless it is a bank we are talking about; for small business and companies willing to leave an indelible mark in the minds of the visitors, creative team profile pages are prefect. Portraits, funny pictures and even photos of the Manga characters that team members closely remember are extremely popular nowadays for usage in team pages. Companies such as that deal with new ideas and creativity are creating such pages to introduce the element of hilarity and humanity. While the same works as magic on visitors, it requires the efforts of a best website design company that has a reputation for out-of-the-box thinking.

Relatable content

A website cannot afford to be dull when it comes to content. It needs to be refreshing and something that readers can relate to. It can be accomplished by breaking down technicalities into understandable fragments. Using simple vocabulary can also help greatly. Arranging for official website blog here with regular updates on topics that might interest the visitors can help greatly in keeping the website frequented. Dealing with such content might seem a gargantuan task for website owner offering technical services but with a little thought, simplification is possible and also worth the effort.

Images from Workplace

This works like magic for small businesses; websites that contain images from workplace help the visitor in establishing a quick emotional link. If the business has an official attire or accessory, then, work staff dressed in the same can also do wonders for the study daddy website. Strong brand influence is absent in case of small businesses, and thus website visitors need to be given something interesting to keep them engaged. Such images can be used in homepage banner also to leave a strong first impression. Small businesses go for best web design services to get cost advantages and topmost work quality.

Human element is much required in today’s times to gain the trust of website visitors and aiding conversions. FATbit is known for recommending such elements to its clients and making similar inclusions.

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